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Metaverse Marketing

Oct 6, 2021

The moment you take your first step into the metaverse, you'll immediately notice the passionate community of builders that are architecting the future of the internet right before your eyes. And they're not going at it alone—instead, they're leveraging the power of collaboration to move at a speed that would be impossible for any single creator.

As brands begin to foray into this territory, one critical truth should always be top of mind: collaboration and co-creation are two of the most important building blocks of web 3.0. Empowering "collectors" (not "consumers") to collaborate with each other and co-create alongside your brand is a recipe for success in the metaverse.

In this episode of Adweek's Metaverse Marketing podcast, you'll hear all about the strategic shifts that leading projects, creators and brands are making to harness the collective power of groups to thrive in the metaverse.